“It’s been 50 years of all-terrain, 50 years of brawn and brain.”

For over five decades, Land Rover went above and beyond to innovate and pioneer, to create the ultimate luxury 4×4. And in the process, they created an icon.

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of this icon and in 2021 this industry-leading marque celebrates engineering excellence with two special edition models that feature a straight-six Ingenium diesel engine.

From the Land Rover (Australia) website:

“The latest generation of smooth and efficient straight-six Ingenium diesel engines will debut in the Range Rover, incorporating 48V Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology (MHEV) for reduced fuel consumption and heightened refinement. The engine has been designed to meet the most stringent global emissions regulations. Based around Jaguar Land Rover’s modular aluminium engine architecture, the new inline diesel engines are smoother and more refined than the previous generation of diesel engines.

Enhancements across the Range Rover line-up include the latest connected features, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offered as standard across the range. With Executive Class Seating and up to eight 4G Wi-Fi connections, the Range Rover remains the perfect remote working hub, or entertainment zone during long drives.

By night, the Range Rover gives customers control over the cabin environment with three-zone ambient lighting. Occupants can tailor the atmosphere to create a calm, relaxing and stress-free environment by configuring the colour (from a choice of 10) and intensity of lighting via fully controllable tri-colour LEDs. Prof Gerry McGovern OBE, Land Rover Chief Creative Officer, said: “In the world of luxury vehicles, the Range Rover has always stood apart as peerless and enduring. It’s unique and pioneering sensibilities together with an unrivalled engineering approach have been the intrinsic values which our customers have admired since the first of the breed was revealed in 1970.”

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