"Four-wheeling Is about much more than challenging trails and attacking rocks. It is about spectacular scenery, camaraderie, wildlife viewing, and history" ~ Tom Collins, Adventurer, expeditionist and Land Rover enthusiast

Dear Peter,

Welcome to the members’ area of our Club website. You’ll find a number of useful resources here including all the information you need to lead and participate in a Club trip, write an article for Marque, a growing collection of useful tips and tricks related to, for example, vehicle performance, accessories and lifestyle trips.

Our important Club documents are also available to download including the latest Financial Report. If you would like a copy of any past financial reports or minutes from our AGM or general meetings, please contact the Club secretary. Happy reading!

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2021/22 Committee Nominations

At this month’s AGM, a new Committee of Club Directors will be elected. Nominations closed on 6 October and the list of nominees is shown below:

  • President: Jim Nicholson (Proposed: Ian Baseby; Seconded: Peter Palmer)
  • Vice-President: Peter Palmer (Proposed: Jim Nicholson; Seconded: Richard Lead)
  • Secretary: Richard Lead (Proposed: Rob Jones; Seconded: Greg Kean)
  • Public Relations: Greg Blake (Proposed: Ian Baseby; Seconded: Anne Rayment)
  • Membership: Anne Rayment (Proposed: Richard Lead; Seconded: Jenny Rollo)
  • Treasurer: Brenda Drury (Proposed: Peter Palmer; Seconded: Greg Blake)
  • Training and Education: Rob Jones (Proposed: Jim Nicholson; Seconded: Brenda Drury)
  • Editor: Greg Kean (Proposed: Ian Baseby; Seconded: Anne Rayment)

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