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(Event rescheduled to May 22nd and 23rd).

Patrick and Margaret Sutcliffe are inviting all owners of leaf-sprung Land Rovers, Defenders, Discovery 1s and 2s and Classic Range Rovers to join them in a weekend of activities based on their property, Paxina.  Although the Trials are limited to these older models, ALL Club Members are welcome to come and enjoy the weekend.

The property has good bush camping and is about 44 kilometres north of Lithgow.  Two bush toilets are provided, and there is a shower shed (bring your own shower and water).  Access to the site is possible for camper trailers towed by a proper 4WD (i.e., with low ratio and high clearance), but NOT caravans.  Wood for campfires is available.

Details of how to get there will be provided on booking.

Fuel and Basic Supplies

Available from the store at Capertee, about 14 kilometres away.


People are welcome to arrive at the property any time after lunch on the Friday.

Friday will be spent settling in to the campsite, viewing the vehicles and counting rivets.  There will be a campfire in the evening subject to fire restrictions.

On Saturday morning, if there is sufficient interest, a short trip will be taken.  This may be through the spectacular Capertee Valley, on tracks on our and a neighbour’s property, or to visit the historic shale mining town of Glen Davis.

After lunch, there will be a chance to test your driving skills in the first two Sections of the Trials event (see below).

In the evening, many tall tales will be told around the campfire (subject to fire restrictions).

On Sunday morning the third and fourth Sections will be Trialed, with results and awards being presented at lunchtime.


Driver briefing Saturday 11.45am at Section 1

The trial is open to all standard Land Rovers up to and including Classic Range Rovers and Discovery 1 and 2.

Competitors will be classified into four groups,

  1. Series 1.
  2. Series 2 and 3.
  3. County, Perentie and Defender.
  4. Classic Range Rover and Discovery 1 and 2.

The trial comprises four Sections, each section consisting of 12 “Gates” (bamboo canes pushed into the ground) numbered from 12 down to 1.  The aim of the trial is to drive through the Section without stopping or touching the gates. If a competitor hits a gate or has to stop they receive a penalty, e.g. if you hit Gate 6 you receive 6 points, As all competitors start with a score of zero, the aim is to achieve the lowest possible number of penalty points.

As a general rule the Gates at the start of the Section are easy and get more difficult as the Gate number decreases.

LWB vehicles are at a disadvantage compared to SWBs in some Sections, so to even things up, they are allowed a number of “Shunts”. This means they can stop, reverse and then go forward again, without occurring a penalty.

A trial is not a race and is not timed, so driving slowly, carefully and picking your lines is the best way to finish with a low score.

Competitors are only allowed one attempt at each section, but the same vehicle can be used by multiple competitors.

Competitors cumulative scores over the two events will constitute a Trials Championship.

Bookings: Peter Mitchell (or phone Peter on 0408 811 407).