Club member, Gavan Swift, will host a virtual Zoom meeting to discuss the New Defender on Monday, June 21 from 8pm.  As you will have read in the last two issues of Marque magazine, Gavan was loaned a new Defender by Land Rover Australia and he put it through a very intensive road test and detailed examination.  This online presentation follows on from Gavan’s published articles and will include a question and answer session.  Greg Pearson will also be contributing to the program.

This is a great opportunity for members to learn more about this very important new vehicle.  How does it measure up against current Land Rover vehicles?   Does it meet the requirements our members look for?

You’ll find out on the night so please plan to join us for what promises to be a very interesting evening.

To attend the meeting, members will need to pre register.  To do so, please send an email to Jim Nicholson and you will be provided with the meeting login details.

We look forward to seeing you online.