The Range Rover Club of Australia (NSW) was formed in April 1978 and is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. The Club was formed to bring Range Rover owners together, not only because the founders enjoyed recreational four-wheel driving in the Australian bush, but they also saw the Range Rover as a very special and unique ‘marque’ in the world of motor vehicles. Since 1991 membership has been open to owners and principal drivers of the Land Rover Discovery, and in 2012 membership was opened to all Land Rover vehicles.

Trips, trips and more trips. The Club’s activities cover everything from day trips, weekend trips, extended camping trips, community events, driver training and social events. Trips are orientated toward family involvement. In a typical year the Club may offer as many as 30 or more events to members. All Club trips are on existing tracks, never ‘off-road’, and often take place in State Forests and National Parks.


The Club meets on the third Wednesday of each month at various venues around Sydney.

The Club welcomes the opportunity to get involved with the wider community on specific projects. Some of our community activities include;

• participation in Clean Up Australia Day, assisting in the removal of cars dumped in terrain difficult to access by conventional vehicle.

• fundraising for charity. Currently we donate money to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Careflight.

• participation in ‘See Red Over Rubbish - Clean Up Stockton Beach’

• restoration and rejuvenation of areas in State Forests and National Parks

• restoration of the huts in the Geehi region of the Kosciuszko National Park

The Club Driver Training Programme is a cornerstone of the member benefits provided by the Club. Courses are offered ranging from novice to experienced operator standards. All our trainers are highly experienced four-wheel drivers and the courses are specifically tailored to the Range Rover and Land Rover vehicles. Modern Range Rovers and Land Rovers are sophisticated vehicles and the driver trainers are skilled in demonstrating how to utilize your vehicle’s abilities.

Another key member benefit is the Club’s quality full-colour monthly magazine, ‘Marque’. Each month this publication, mailed to every member, features news of past and future trips as well as other items of general interest.

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